The village

A village overlooking Lake Geneva

Thollon-Les-Mémises is located in Haute-Savoie, in the French Haut-Chablais region. The commune is located at the end of the Gavot plateau, at the foot of the Mémises mountain. The altitude of the commune ranges from 940m to 1975m.

The village is 10km from Evian and 50km from Génève. Very close to Switzerland and Italy! With only 800 inhabitants all year round, Thollon is the ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries. You will also have all the services you need nearby.

The ski area of Thollon-les-Mémises offers 50km of varied slopes and above all a magnificent panorama of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

It is also an emblematic place for paragliding!

thollon les mémises mer de nuage sur le léman

The terrace of Lake Geneva

The current name of Thollon-les-Mémises has been official since 1995. It combines the old name of the commune, Thollon, with Mémises, which refers to the Mémises mountain overlooking the village.

The first mentions of the village of Thollon date back to the 11th century with Duas Partes Tholonaei, then two centuries later Tolhono and Tholons in 1246.

The toponym seems to derive from the local word “taula, taule, tola, toula, toule” meaning a terrace, or even a flat area, or from the Latin tullum to designate a hill. The presence of the suffix -on could derive from the Old French word tolon which corresponds to relief like a hill.

Since the formation of this lake of glacial origin (the largest alpine lake in central and western Europe), the area of Thollon has been an exceptional observatory that has amazed those who have passed through. Perhaps you will witness the spectacle of the sea of clouds that passes over Lake Geneva.

Thollon events

Throughout the winter, we offer many activities, including: local heritage, distillery, mountain outings, events, and much more to discover in the agenda!


montagnes chablais

Chablais Geopark

A geopark includes a certain number of remarkable sites (23 sites for the Chablais) for their scientific interest, their rarity, their aesthetic appeal or their educational value.

Montagne Les Mémises haute-savoie

The mémises mountains

The Mémises mountain is a real balcony on Lake Geneva and can be reached in just a few minutes by the Mémises cable car. At the top, the ridge path allows, in summer as well as in winter, to admire a magnificent view on the Swiss Alps, the Jura and the lake of Geneva.

thollon les mémises le hucel

The Hucel

In addition to offering an exceptional view of Lake Geneva, Hucel is also a privileged site for observing bird migration in the spring. Enjoy watching thousands of birds species that are going through here every year!

More information about The Hucel

The pays d'Evian vallée d'Abondance heritage

The vallée d’Abondance, the plateau de Gavot and the pays d’Évian form a territory between lake and mountains with a rich, plural and complementary historical heritage.

From the shores of Lake Geneva to the summit of Mont de Grange, at an altitude of 2432 metres, the pays d’Evian vallée d’Abondance also has unique landscapes ready to be explored.